Sony PlayStation


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Sony PlayStation was getting ready to launch the release of the PlayStation 4 gaming console in Spain. The competition was fierce as Microsoft had just launched the XBoxOne a month before. To take their launch to the next level, Sony PlayStation wanted to run a 360-degree campaign and needed to target the key journalists and influencers to amplify their message. Find out how Sony PlayStation used Augure by Launchmetrics’ platform to outperform the competition and connect with the right people, at the right time for this launch.

"We can be faster and more efficient in all facets of our relationships with journalists and influencers."

Susana Martín

Head of PR
Sony Playstation, Iberica

Sony PlayStation is a Japanese gaming brand owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment since 1994. The company is world-renowned for the creation of the PlayStation product, one of the best-selling home gaming consoles ever to hit the market.

What Sony PlayStation achieved...

  • Build accurate influencer and media lists based on target demographics
  • Synchronize processes between the Sony PlayStation team and their PR agency
  • More PS4 units sold in comparison to the competition within two months after the launch

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