Adapt your communication and become GDPR compliant

Violeta Zapata

The 5 rules to comply with the new Data Protection Act

What is GDPR? How can I become GDPR Compliant? What does the Information Commissioner’s Office say? In recent months, hundreds of questions have multiplied in search engines, we receive constant emails about privacy policy updates, we can find dozens of debates, articles… In short, more than 3 decades generating huge amounts of data that have traveled and travel around the globe. 

According to IBM, every day we generate around 2.5 billion GB of data on the Internet worldwide. Therefore, It is not surprising that data has become the gold standard of the 21st century. Besides that, these rivers of information are a key feature for communication and marketing departments. In this way, the good management and processing of customer and potential customer data allows marketing strategies  to be focused and the content of communication campaigns to be customized, generating more effective and appropriate results to the needs of companies and consumers.

Mainly, a communication and marketing strategy based on good data management allows you to be closer to your target audience and achieve your objectives. Finally, the big question, how do I adapt my company’s communication to GDPR?

We give you 5 rules you can’t miss!

DGPR - Rules Communication

  Violeta Zapata

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