Basic guide to maximize your content diffusion online


Make your content count and reach people who matter to your brand

While content may be king, distribution is definitely queen. In an overcrowded digital marketplace — with millions of blogs, white papers, guides and other marketing collateral distributed online — ensuring your content reaches your audience is no easy task. Content Marketing is not just about creating top-notch content; that’s only half the battle. If no one reads your content, then all of the hard work your team put in to create it won’t matter. So how can you meet your goals?

In this white paper, we give you 30 effective tools and tips that you can use to create a distribution plan that’s equally as fantastic as your content.

What you will learn...

  • Why it's important to have a content distribution and promotion strategy
  • How to develop online content for effective distribution
  • Key steps to take when initiating your distribution plan
  • How to update, recycle and repost content the right way

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