Track the ROI of your campaigns and measure your results

Nintendo, the Japanese video game company, has gone in a different direction for launching products in recent years. For the launch of their Wii console, they wanted to analyze the ROI generated from the campaign to prove the success of this strategic business decision. To do this, Nintendo relied on Augure by Launchmetrics’ technology to make it happen. Discover how Nintendo was able to not only monitor and measure the ROI of this campaign but also increase it by 300% using the Publisher platform.

“The results only confirm that our decision to change direction as a company was the correct one. Augure by Launchmetrics’ platform helped our team gain the confidence they needed to continue developing communication strategies for our products through the use of relevant data.”

Nicolas Wegnez

Marketing Director
Nintendo Iberica, Inc.

Nicolas Wegnez was named the new general manager at Nintendo in the United Kingdom last June, 2016. With more than 20 years of experience working at Nintendo, Wegnez is quite the familiar face within the organization.

What Nintendo achieved....

  • 300% overall increase in ROI for their data-fueled campaigns
  • Consolidation of all communication activities in a single platform
  • 7x more editorial coverage on their product launches
  • 4x rate of return for the total investment made

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