Disneyland Paris


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Disneyland Paris offers a variety of unique and engaging spectaculars throughout the year. New shows of fresh ideas are put on to attract visiting tourists and keep loyal fans from their community coming back. For the launch of the 2016 show, Mickey and the Magician, the press team wanted to organize a preview of the show in which they sought out target influencers to gain maximum exposure for the event. Find out how our data services team, known as the Influencer Concierge, helped them not only reach existing audiences but also connect with new communities to attend the premiere.

"Thanks to Influencer Concierge, we managed to expand our influencer list and integrate a larger group of the community, which was unknown prior to using the service. We needed something new and fresh while targeting a very specific population. Augure by Launchmetrics offered us a discovery service that helped to fulfill this need."

Media Relations

Press Team
Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the most visited theme park in all of Europe. Owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company, it covers almost 5,000 acres and is made up of various hotel resorts, two theme parks, a golf course along with many shopping centers and restaurants for guests to visit.

What Disneyland Paris achieved...

  • Clear and custom global analysis for their influencer marketing strategy
  • Engaging solutions with real results to prove their success
  • Simple and easy-to-use reporting system to monitor their evolution
  • Essential tools for strategic planning to come up with new tactics for future events

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