5 Tools to Create Multimedia and Visual Content


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We are all living in a world where time is limited and thousands of brands are competing for user’s attention. For this reason, communication teams are working day in and day out, to create high-quality content in numerous formats, where images and videos are the most important elements. Luckily for many companies, the Internet offers different options every single day to create this type of content in a very easy and profitable way.

So, we have chosen 5 free useful tools that may be used to create visual content for your website, blog, social networks and video content. Here we go!

1. Colorzilla – Discover the colors of your online items.

Imagine that we are creating an image and we need to use the color of our website but…We don’t know the hexadecimal code! Colorzilla is a free Chrome extension where you can select any of the elements within your website and find out the hexadecimal code, the RGB or the HSL to use it for other editing tools.

Colorzilla multimedia content

2. Canva – Create images in a very easy way is a free tool that allows you to create images on social networks, you can choose the size you want and then peruse a variety of free elements as icons, shapes, etc. In addition to exporting or sharing your designed image, you can always edit the one that you were working on before.

Canva multimedia content

Bonus: If you need more Photoshop-like features for your images, we recommend that you use

3. Piktochart – Templates to create infographics.

Nowadays images and infographics are the most shared content on social networks. If you want to create an infographic, but you can’t afford to hire an agency, we recommend that you use Piktochart. It’s a free tool that provides you with editable templates as well as other affordable templates for sale (their prices are quite affordable). Remember to have your exact brand colors when the time comes to modify your images!

Piktochart multimedia content

4. Youtube Video Editor – Edit your videos when they are online.

Yes! Youtube is the most important video only channel around the world. Yet, it also is a tool to support content creation, making internet video production much easier. For instance, you are able to create a predefined intro and include it in an interview you have recorded previously, incorporating your brand’s logo with all the videos or even music.

Youtube multimedia content

Bonus: Have a look at Powtoon and create animated videos and presentations.

5. Thinglink – Information out of your images.

This tool can turn a simple image into an interactive and informative infographic. You can add icons which, when you roll your mouse over them, display extended information to the user. This might include links or share buttons on social networks. This is an example of what you could do with this tool:

A tight budget is no longer an excuse to not create striking quality content. If you have not tried these tools, we encourage you to do it. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us!


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