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Great Public Relations & Communication Campaigns That Will Inspire You


So, the year is almost over and we thought it was a good time to present the best public relations and communication campaigns that will (most definitely) inspire you. While some of them caught our attention briefly and others made us think deeply, they all have one thing in common—they created some serious awareness about the brand. Take a peep at some of the campaigns we’ve put together:

Share a Coke ( by Coca Cola)

What’s better than seeing yourself on TV? To see your name on a coke bottle, that’s what! Coca Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world has taken the risk of “debranding” by writing the top 200 most popular names on their bottles. The result? Millions of people taking pictures and buying cokes just to have their names on it.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches (by Dove)

What we like from this campaign is how Dove is able to communicate a unique message and really make society think about the social norms of conventional beauty and how we are “supposed to look.” With the campaign “the real beauty,” Dove works with Gil Zamora, a Forensic Composite artist, to make people realize how differently they see themselves in comparison to how other people see them. The result was warm and heartfelt as you will see in the video below:

#MyJourneys (by Honda)

This campaign was inspired by a client: Jo and Christine, a couple that drove for 8 years around the world in their Honda Civic. They ended their journey in Japan, where the car came from. Honda encouraged people on social media to use the hashtag #myjourney in order to share their car trips in their own Hondas. On the campaign website you can see all the users shared stories and how much buzz it created for the brand:

public relations and communication campaigns 1

Amazon Prime Air (by Amazon)

There is one thing that can certainly help to make any PR campaign a complete success: an innovative product. If you have a fantastic and smart product, you just have to find to right distribution channel to deliver it…So why not use drones? That was Amazon’s idea to start distributing products to customers in the fastest, most efficient way possible. They backed up this idea by creating a great public relations campaign to get the word out about the changes in their supply chain. Anyway, the campaign created a lot of expectation and there are more than 143 million of searches on Google about Amazon drones. Here is the video that shows how it works:

The Buddy Cup (by Budweiser)

It’s an amazing idea to combine social networks with the offline and traditional way we interact with other people. That’s how Budweiser created the buddy cup, a glass that had an integrated microchip to add a person as a friend on Facebook every time a toast was made. There were a lot of media impacts about this campaign in Brazil (the campaign’s origen) on social media and online publications. Anyway, the idea is so good and we want to share it you:

Autocomplete Truth (by the United Nations)

This is an extremely meaningful campaign by United Nations: they used real search results from Google to show that there are still people that believe women have fewer rights than men. Isn’t that powerful? Check it out:

public relations and communication campaigns2

Giving (by True Move H)

Who said Internet videos should be short? This one shows us that content is more important than timing and brands are meant to become publishers that transmit emotions and not just commercial messages. This video has been successful worldwide and is defined as “the video that has everybody crying.” With the final phrase “Giving is the best communication,” True Move H has melted millions of hearts around the globe.

Evian and me (by Evian)

They already did well with the first video of babies rolling (even they were interviewed ), so Evian has repeated the same idea! They’ve produced a new video showing people as dancing babies in a mirror on the street. The interesting part of this video are the actions they created to run in parallel with this public relations campaign: an app for creating a baby version of you and Youtube in UK named it the best ad of 2013.

Ultra Reality (by LG)

What’s one way to communicate how sharp your TV’s image quality is? LG showed this by playing a practical prank on people by making them think the apocalypse had happened. They used the brand’s screens to play clips that looked like the end of the world was happening through a window because the image quality was “that clear.” The video has more than 14 million views and although the video is in Spanish, I’m sure you’ll get the idea:

The best candidate (by Heineken)

How can a company catch attention from the media by showing their company culture? Heineken knows how and they surprised us once again with a very exciting selection process. What’s the most important for them was a candidate’s attitude. Check the video out:

Scrooggled (by Microsoft)

The main goal of Microsoft’s noteworthy campaign was to explain to users the “bad things” Google (their competitor) does. They talk about products, private information Google gets from users, how they spam us with ads, etc. This is the latest video they have launched about the Chromebook (though the actors are not that great).

This campaign has been taken out of the online environment as well. Microsite has profited on this campaign and made some merchandising of “Scroogled” being bought and represented by some influencers like Danny Sullivan as we can see from the following tweet:

Google’s witty response was that the “…competition in the wearables space really is heating up” referring to their new Google Glass product and the T-shirts in the picture about Microsoft.

Are we missing anything from this year? Share with us by leaving a comment.


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