February 27, 2013

The importance of monitoring what is been said on online and offline media (testimonial)

« Each morning, on my way to the office, I check on my smartphone the hot news in my industry. I am confident that I won’t miss any important news and lose my time with article that doesn’t match my needs.» Audrey Soussan – Associate at Ventech

Audrey Soussan

Monitoring: what are your challenges ?

Ventech is a capital risk company that invests in recent or founding companies within the IT sector. In my job, I need to be informed in real time about the latest trends in our sector, the latest fund raising and our competitor investment decisions. It is a major stake to detect the startup we may invest in and to be sure that we won’t miss “the rare pearl”. On another side, I also need to follow the companies of my portfolio in order to be aware of their news and strategic evolutions. And even if all these companies are related to the IT industry, their sector can be as different as online clothe selling, video games or a women web magazine.

A time-consuming activity

Before, I was using different free or paying tools, but no one was giving me satisfaction regarding the coverage for France and other countries, on the subjects I wanted to follow. Receiving lots of information feeds was extremely difficult. The information was not only redundant but contains also « noise »: I spent a lot of time trying to identify the news that really matter among all the articles I received in the morning. Despite that, I was looking through the press to be sure I wasn’t missing any important news.

A more exhaustive, structured, and accurate monitoring and lot of time saved.

With iMente (monitoring solution from Augure), I’ve been able to configure several monitoring using specific criteria, to match exactly my needs, and I can manage everything in one only platform. iMente helped me to organize my searches: I can clearly define my keywords and eliminate some expressions to decrease the noise, I select the media, countries, languages I want to follow. I receive each morning newsletters I’ve organized by countries or subjects according to my needs, and in that way I can quickly look through all the articles, see what are the hot trends and news I will need to go into in depth. Moreover, iMente is adapted to mobile devices, and I have programed my newsletters to receive them early in the morning (I can also choose the days), and that allows me to check them on my smartphone on my way to go to the office. In that way, when I arrive at the office I am already aware of the recent news and I can start my day being confident … and having saved a precious time.


And what about you, do you think you could improve your monitoring?

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